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Mopar Wiper Blade

Mopar Wiper Blade

What is a wiper blade?

A wiper blade is attached to a mechanical arm that clears your windshield of dust, dirt, snow, and other debris that can obstruct your view. The wiper blade is part of an assembly that consists of a metal arm, with one end as the pivot while the other sits on your windshield.

The metal arm will swing back and forth, and the rubber blade will wipe out any obstruction on the glass. Some wiper blades also have a windscreen washer that sprays water or antifreeze through a nozzle. A washer equipped with antifreeze is handy during winter as it’ll help remove snow and ice.

Benefits of a wiper blade

Driver safety is the main benefit of a wiper blade. Removing any obstruction on your window ensures you have clear visibility and can navigate the road effectively.

These wiper blades can also be found on rear windshields for a better view of the rear end of your vehicle. Whether parking or navigating the highway, properly working wiper blades will ensure you have the best visibility when you’re behind the wheel.

Tips for Choosing a Wiper Blade

When choosing a wiper blade, ensure that you get the recommended size for your car. Unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all wiper blades exist, as different vehicles have different windshield lengths and widths.

One of the best ways to determine the correct wiper blade size is to consult your owner’s manual. You can also take your vehicle to any auto part store and ask about your wiper blade needs.

Avoid getting an oversized wiper blade, as they’ll bump into each other and damage the motor and blades. Moreover, large blades will not conform to the dimension of your windshield and can even damage it in the process. This will also lead to missed spots during wiping, which can drastically affect your view of the road.

On the other hand, if the wiper blade is too small, it won’t have a big coverage and lessen your view of the road ahead, especially during bad weather.

Signs of a Bad Wiper Blades

Some symptoms of a deteriorating wiper blade include streaking and smears during operation. You can also notice rubber deformation or cracks in the blades that can cause scratches and missed spots during wiping.

Another sign is a chattering sound when the blade is wiping the glass. This means the rubber is inconsistently making contact with your windshield, causing it intermittently to jump during wiping. You’ll also want to check the frames. A bent frame will cause the blade to not come in contact with the glass and will cause the aforementioned chattering noise. 

How to Replace Your Wiper Blades

Hook Wiper Blade Arm

Remove the blade by rotating it, then press down the tab and firmly push the blade down until the lock disengages. Next, take your new blade, slide it to the hook and fitting, and pull up until you hear a click. That sound will tell you the blade is now fastened securely.

Pin-Type Water Blade Arm

If you have a pin-type wiper arm, disengage the lock by pulling up the tab, then pull the pin out of the hole at the side of the blade. Next, install the new blade by pulling up the tab, inserting the pin on the hole, and firmly pushing down the tab, and that should secure the new blade in place.


How long do wiper blades last?

Standard wiper blades can last between six to twelve months, depending on the usage and the weather in your area. It also depends on the material of the blade. For instance, silicone wiper blades last four times longer than rubber blades.

How do I clean my wiper blades?

Get a clean rag and warm soapy water. Wipe the blades with the rag repeatedly until no signs of dirt or oil is visible on the rag. Make sure to clean your wiper blades regularly so they can last longer and wipe your windshield better.

What is the best wiper blade in the market?

A silicone wiper blade is considered the best option for most people. It lasts four times longer than rubber and is more resilient against the element. Moreover, silicone wiper blades leave a water-repellent hydrophobic layer on the glass, so water doesn’t cling to your windshield.

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