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Mopar Wheel

Mopar Wheel

What are Mopar Car Wheels?

Wheels are circular blocks that support and let a car move freely. It’s made up of several parts, such as the bearings, rims, tires, hubs, wheel fasteners, and a valve system. Each component plays an essential role in keeping your car moving.

The bearings create a low-friction connection between your rotating wheels and the stationary vehicle. The hub attaches to the wheel axles to allow your car to stop and go whenever necessary. The rims connect the hub and are housed in a rubber tire. The tires provide additional traction needed when driving and also reduce road vibrations. Lastly, the wheel fasteners keep the wheel mounted on the hub, and the valve system monitors your tire pressure.

The Benefits of Mopar Wheels

There are several benefits to upgrading your steel wheels with alloy tires. Alloy wheels do not compromise durability with their lightweight design. They are often made of aluminum and other metals like magnesium to stay light and sturdy at the same time. This lets your car have better cornering and fuel economy.

Alloy wheels also dissipate heat better than factory or stock steel tires, which lessens the stress on your brakes and tires.

Tips on How to Choose Wheels


When looking for wheels for your ride, you need to ensure it fits your current assembly and mounting system. Measure the overall diameter of your current wheels and how much clearance you need for your new tires. You need to figure out the proper offset. Otherwise, your new wheels won’t fit and hinder other components near your wheel assembly. This can also greatly reduce your turning radius and limit the mobility of your ride.


You should always check which wheels and tires are compatible with your ride by looking at their car registration number and wheel bolt pattern. Certain manufacturers allow drivers to use their registration number to determine the size of their wheels. Otherwise, we recommend counting the number of nuts on your wheels and measuring the distance between them.

Mopar Wheels: Repair or Replace?

It's possible to repair wheels with minor damage, like a curb rash or scratches. But if your wheels have sustained severe damage and have compromised structural integrity, we recommend replacing them entirely. If you notice any significant dents or cracks on your tires or damaged lug holes, your tires are unsafe to use on the road.

While you can still have your rims restored by a professional, the repairs can sometimes cost more than getting a brand-new set of rims. You can instead get new wheels and tires for your ride and save on time and money so you can drive your car around without any issues.

How to Install Wheels?

When replacing your factory tires with a new set of Mopar wheels, you first need to loosen the lug nuts and bolts of your current wheels before raising your car with a jack. Once you lift your vehicle, you can dismount your old tires and replace them with the new set. Test the fit of each wheel before reattaching the lug nuts. You can then lightly tighten them once fitted properly and drop your car. Secure them completely once your vehicle is firmly planted on the ground.

The tires should sit flush against the hubs. Remove any rust or dirt on the mounting surface of your brake rotors and drums. If each bolt circle of your new wheel matches the hub, you can install the wheel and tighten the bolts correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mopar Wheels

How long should tires last?

Standard wheels can last 60,000 to 75,000 miles or about four to five years. Road conditions, driving habits, suspension setups, tire pressure, and exposure to the elements and other debris can affect the functional lifespan of your wheels. Make sure to check your wheels regularly to avoid road accidents while you’re driving.

When to replace wheels?

One of the best ways to check if your wheels need to be replaced is the current state of their tread depth. US legal safety standards require tire treads to be at least 2/32" deep to ensure optimal traction for a safe drive at all times. If your treads don’t meet this requirement, you should replace your tires as soon as possible.

How often should you replace your tires?

We recommend replacing your factory tires every 25,000 to 80,000 miles. Heavy-duty tires made for off-road terrain will last much longer than stock tires. Take note that performance tires for the track are much softer than regular tires. Even if they offer better grip, they will wear out much faster.

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