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Mopar Lift Kit

Mopar Lift Kit

What is a Lift Kit?

Lift kits are suspension upgrades that give vehicles a higher clearance. This cost-efficient modification lets you install bigger wheels for clearing different types of terrain better. This component adds a few inches between the body of your ride and the ground, allowing your ride to go over and avoid different obstacles on the road.

There are two types of lift kits: body and suspension lifts. Body lifts allow larger tires without the additional ground clearance that comes with suspension lifts. They only offer up to two to five inches of additional clearance but are a quick way to raise your vehicle for bigger tires without getting other suspension upgrades.

Suspension lifts are more suitable for those who want to make their rides off-road ready and capable of exploring the great outdoors. These upgrades have adjustable ride heights that can give your car an additional 9 to 12 inches of clearance for more space for mounting bigger tires and preventing the underside of your vehicle from any damage from different road obstacles.


  • Installing a lift kit comes with various benefits for your vehicle.
  • Protection - Since the lift kits make your car higher, its underside will less likely be damaged by rough roads and debris, making it an excellent modification for off-roading vehicles.
  • Increased tire clearance - Get the extra space you need to drive through mud, snow, or sand, and tackle road obstacles like boulders and uneven terrain with a lift kit.
  • Larger tires - Installing larger tires have a functional and aesthetic appeal. Other than going well with the raised look of your ride, bigger tires have much more surface area, giving your ride more traction when going through uneven terrain.
  • Better visibility - Having higher elevation lets you have a better view of the road, whether it's for looking for different routes on congested roads, spotting blind turns, or finding obstacles.
  • Easier underbody access - Lift kits let you inspect or repair the underbody of your ride easier since it's higher off the ground, giving you more space to work with.

Tips on How to Choose Lift Kits

Your primary concerns in choosing a lift kit are proper fitment and compatibility. Fitment

There are various things to consider in getting a lift kit that correctly fits your vehicle, such as

  • Rim and tire size
  • Wheel offset and backspacing
  • Trimming your fenders
  • Notching the frame
  • “High rise” or “tucked” look
  • Compatibility

Lift kits are compatible with specific vehicles only. Budget plays a vital role in choosing a lift kit because the higher you elevate your ride, the more expensive it will be. Moreover, the upgrade components and professional installation fee also add to its cost.

Installing lift kits also changes the physics and ride feel of your car. Elevated vehicles have a higher center of gravity, putting them at risk of tipping over. A stabilizer ensures steadiness on the road, especially when making turns.

Lift Kits: Repair or Replace?

Life kits require proper maintenance after installation. These components can last for around ten years, depending on your usage.

There are various parts to inspect, such as all moving parts and cables, bolts and nuts, pivot arm pins, and safety locks. Conduct an initial inspection after the first 100 miles and then every 1,000 miles moving forward. You can also ask a qualified mechanic to inspect more technical aspects, including the steering, suspension, and wheel alignment, every 3,000 miles.

How to Install a Lift Kit

  • Elevate your ride using a jack or hoist placed underneath its frame. Augment them with wood, cradles, or ramps to prevent slipping.
  • Work your way from the front to the back. Remove the front tires once they are clear from the ground and no longer bear any weight.
  • Find and remove the shocks, U-bolts, and springs.
  • Install the new strut assembly using the factory hardware it came with.
  • Repeat the process with the rear tires.
  • Check all components for proper operation and clearances.
  • Lower the vehicle to the floor.
  • Reinspect everything again after driving 50 and 150 miles. Retighten any parts that may have become loose.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mopar Lift Kits

What is the difference between a lift kit and a leveling kit?

A proper lift kit can give your ride up to 10 inches of additional elevation. The added ride height makes your car drive better on uneven terrain for off-roading and is suited with larger tires. As for leveling kits, these components can only give up to two inches of added clearance and are instead designed for raising the front of your vehicle to match its rear-ride height.

How can a lift kit keep me safe on the road?

Lift kits provide better road visibility and allow you to see any possible obstacles, such as boulders and branches. The additional height also makes it easier for your ride to go through water, mud, snow, and different kinds of roads and terrain.

What components are typically included in lift kits?

Lift kits will often include shocks, strut spacers, coil springs, lift blocks, and other suspension upgrades. Other kits will have other performance-focused components like control arms, brake line replacements, and other mounting parts that need to be changed once the lift kits are fully installed.

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