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Mopar Hardware Kit

Mopar Hardware Kit

A hardware kit acts as a fastener that holds several parts of your car together, including its hitches, towing equipment, wheel assemblies, and exterior accessories. It includes lug nuts and bolts made from premium steel with anti-corrosion properties to prevent rust formations. Find great deals on authentic hex nuts and bolts at Mopar Online Parts.


Secure Interior & Exterior Auto Parts with an OEM Hardware Kit

Hex lug nuts and bolts allow you to connect towing accessories securely to your vehicle. This way, you can travel with an RV for a weekend getaway. Also, properly attached tow equipment enables you to haul massive cargoes, such as furniture pieces and sports accessories, without taking up cabin space. It’s important to use durable nuts and bolts when fastening receivers so they can handle the weight of your cargo.

Aside from securing towing accessories, a hardware kit also allows you to install running boards and side steps. A running board protects the side of your vehicle from rocks and debris. Moreover, it assists passengers when entering and exiting the car. Just make sure that the footboard is attached firmly to avoid injuries as well as vehicle damage.

Use authentic lug nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion. Since these parts are made from premium-grade steel material, they are also weatherproof. In turn, you can drive during any season or weather condition without compromising the quality of your car’s parts. 

Buy a Genuine Hardware Kit at Discounted Prices

Are you planning to install a new running board? Do you need to connect a hitch receiver to your vehicle? Mopar Online Parts offers 100% original hardware kits for select model years of the Ram 1500 DS. 

Our inventory includes an extensive collection of discounted auto equipment, delivered for your convenience. Moreover, we do not offer used or aftermarket parts and accessories. Visit our website and shop for OEM auto parts.