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Mopar Crate Engine

Mopar Crate Engine

Crate engines are complete engine components that are ready to install. These car engine packages make upgrading your engine simple and cost-efficient as you don’t need to assemble an engine from scratch. MoparOnlineParts offers 100% genuine crate engines and other car parts and accessories for select Mopar vehicles.

What is a Crate Engine?

Crate engines are pre-made engine assemblies that have all the necessary components for swapping out your stock engine. These packages will often include fuel injectors, intake manifolds, water pumps, and other essential engine parts. 

Crate engines typically come in two types: short and long blocks. A short block crate engine includes the basic components for a pre-assembled engine, while long block assemblies come with additional components like cylinder heads and camshafts. These types of engines are the best way for you to replace and upgrade your current engine if you want to avoid the hassle of buying individual parts for an engine swap.

The Benefits of Installing a Mopar Crate Engine

While engines are built to last, they are still subject to wear and tear from constant use. While you can still repair and salvage it, it will eventually be riddled with various issues like leaks, overheating, and other issues that will end up costing you more to fix and maintain.

A heavily repaired engine won’t guarantee a smooth operation and can end up damaging your car more in the long run. OEM crate engines are much more cost-efficient since you get access to everything you need for a complete installation. The included parts are also most likely compatible with other components of your ride to ensure better reliability and functionality once installed.

Tips on How to Choose A Crate Engine


You should first consider the type and size of your desired engine and make sure it fits the make and model of your ride. Even if crate engines have all the necessary parts for the installation, you might still need to get specific components to go along with it to ensure all the parts are functioning properly.


Compatibility is another critical factor you must remember when purchasing a crate engine. If you already have the other components your car needs, like the headers and cylinder heads, you must ensure they're compatible with your new assembly. Doing this is especially important if your new engine includes other car parts.

Mopar Crate Engines: Repair or Replace?

If you want to repair your car in a short period without spending too much money on individual parts, a crate engine is your ideal option. Replacing, repairing, and building engines from scratch require a lot of time, resources, and effort. You’re also more likely to encounter hiccups on fitment and sudden expenses if you decide to replace your engine slowly. 

It's possible to cut corners by searching for salvaged parts, but these components typically don't come with any guarantee. Instead of spending more money on your car, in the long run, it would be best to invest in something that comes with long-term durabilities, like a brand-new engine assembly.

How to Install Mopar Crate engines

The first thing you should do before swapping your engine is to make enough space in your engine bay to work with. You should dismount the hood and drain your engine coolant, motor oil, and other fluids. Remember to disconnect all lines from the engine and other related components and lubricate all the new parts before installation.

Slowly hoist the new assembly to the center of your engine bay and attach it to the mounting brackets. Once you do this, you can reconnect the pipes, wires, and lines. Fill it with all the necessary fluids and check if all lines are secure before starting the new engine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mopar Crate Engines

Is a crate engine a complete assembly?

Yes, crate engines are complete assemblies. While its specific contents will differ from different manufacturers, it will generally include everything you need to have a complete engine swap. This is why crate engines are much easier to get instead of repairing or replacing your engine from scratch, as you still have to get specific parts individually and make sure they’re compatible with one another.

Do crate motors come with a transmission?

Transmissions are one of the powertrain components not included in crate engines. You would have to buy this car part if your new engine doesn't have an integrated transmission system or use the new engine with your existing car transmission system.

What’s the difference between a crate engine and a remanufactured engine?

Remanufactured or reconditioned engines are made using repurposed or re-machined parts. These components are either out of production or are difficult to source in order to restore the engine to its OEM specifications. On the other hand, crate engines are pre-assembled for quick and easy installation. It has brand-new OEM components that fit specific makes and models.

Get Powerful Mopar Crate Engines at Discounted Rates

Enjoy a smooth and powerful driving experience with our genuine Mopar crate engines at Mopar Online Parts. We have a wide array of heavy-duty HEMI engines compatible with select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram models. Our crate motors come complete with everything you need. These components are also made from production-grade materials for improved performance and long-term durability.

Our crate engine packages and other Mopar parts and accessories at Mopar Online Parts are 100% original products. We also sell them for less than the suggested retail price to help you save. We do not offer used or aftermarket products, as all our items include their original Mopar warranty. Get the best crate engine assemblies for your ride for less when you shop at Mopar Online Parts today.