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Mopar Bumper

Mopar Bumper

What is A Bumper?

Car bumpers are protective trims or panels that shield the front and rear end of your ride from collisions. These components minimize and absorb damage from collisions and other forms of impact. Bumpers are often made of durable and lightweight materials like hard plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and aluminum.

There are four types of bumpers depending on their height and impact resistance; standard, step, cowboy, and tube bumpers. Most cars use standard bumpers, while step bumpers are more common among SUVs and trucks.

On the other hand, cowboy bumpers are often found in older truck models, while tube bumpers are common in modern Jeep vehicles.

The Benefits of Mopar Bumpers

Having a durable bumper enhances the rugged look of your ride and protects it from head-on collisions. This is why it’s best to get heavy-duty bumpers made from durable materials to ensure they can withstand bumps and constant exposure to the elements. Having durable bumpers is vital, especially if you like going on off-road adventures and traversing rough terrain.

Tips on How to Choose A Mopar Bumper


You’ll need to check the make, model, trim, and edition of your car to know the best fitment for the bumper you want. Manufacturers will often have a selection of bumpers that are specific to a car model in their line. Getting brand-new OEM bumpers is better than aftermarket products, as the OEM bumpers will have ideal fitment and measurements for your ride.


To determine whether a certain bumper is compatible with your car, we recommend checking whether the product shares a similar Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to your vehicle. You can check your vehicle's VIN online or in your owner's manual. Lastly, you can also call your local dealership for some help.

Mopar Bumper: Repair or Replace?

Minor paint scratches, dents, tears, and bumps are easy to repair in bumpers. Proper maintenance can make the assembly look new. However, if your car got into a major collision or had repetitive damage over time due to minor ones, chances are the bumpers are already structurally compromised. They can have broken hooks, holes, cracks, and other damages that are beyond repair. If your bumper has any of these, it’s best to replace the assembly rather than try to salvage what’s left of it.

How to Install A Mopar Bumper

When replacing your damaged front bumper, you must first locate the cover and unscrew it. Once you do this, look underneath the front side of the bumper and unclip the cover from its position. Pull the bumper away and drive the vehicle up a wheel ramp. Using a bodyboard, go underneath the vehicle and remove the bolts along the upper edge of the component. 

Place your new Mopar bumper on the frame of your car and thread the bolts to keep it in place. Afterward, reattach the nuts to the bolts and tighten them properly, ensuring the component is flush against the body and isn’t in the way of your radiator and other essential parts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mopar Bumper

What’s the difference between a bumper and a bumper cover?

Bumpers are the heavy-duty component of the bumper assembly, while the bumper covers it to protect it from scratches. The bumper absorbs a majority of the impact caused by collisions, while the bumper cover shields the grille and license plate of your ride.

Can you repair plastic bumpers?

Yes, it's possible to repair a damaged plastic bumper, but this depends on the severity of the damage. As mentioned earlier, auto shops can restore minor damages like scratches on the paint and scruffs, but severe impairments may require replacement. We recommend consulting a professional to assess the damages.

Can I drive with a damaged bumper?

Yes, you can drive your car if its bumper is damaged but still securely attached to its body. We recommend replacing your bumper if you notice the component seems like it will fall out or if it interferes with your ability to drive properly. Driving with a damaged bumper can also violate state traffic laws.

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