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Mopar Bluetooth Kit

Mopar Bluetooth Kit

A car Bluetooth kit allows you to connect your phone to your speakers for toggling and streaming music or answering calls freely and safely. These infotainment upgrades are essential for car owners who are always on the road and take calls regularly. MoparOnlineParts offers a quality selection of genuine Bluetooth kits for select Mopar vehicles.

Upgrade Your Car System With an Authentic Bluetooth Car Kit

A Bluetooth kit enables a wireless connection between your phone and onboard entertainment system. This upgrade allows you to connect your phone or tablet to your car speakers, allowing you to listen to different music or podcasts on your preferred platform. Bluetooth also lets you answer calls hands-free and dial through your phone or toggle the radio using voice commands. This upgrade ensures your safety whenever answering your phone or fixing your radio and car audio since you don’t need to take your hands off the wheel.

When getting a Bluetooth kit for your ride, always consider its included features such as its connectivity and microphone quality. You can choose kits that have noise-canceling features or included phone chargers. Most Bluetooth kits are usually plugged in the AUX port or cigarette lighter port. You can also connect the kit directly onto your car stereo if you don’t have an AUX port. Toggle your car audio systems, radio, and phone safely using genuine Bluetooth car kits.

Get Genuine Bluetooth Kits at Discounted Rates

MoparOnlineParts stocks a quality selection of Mopar Bluetooth kits for select Mopar vehicles. Our products include stand-alone microphone kits for hands-free calling and radio voice control. We also have the all-around Mopar Bluetooth UConnect Hands Free Kit. These Bluetooth upgrades are durable, easy to install, and guaranteed to be compatible with your ride.

Our upgrades and other Mopar parts and accessories are 100% original components priced lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for better savings. We do not offer used or aftermarket products. Browse the MoparOnlineParts website to grab these deals and discounts. Our in-house experts are also ready to assist you regarding the proper installation and fitment of your purchases. Place your order today.