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Mopar Bike Rack

Mopar Bike Rack

A bike rack is used to transport bicycles easily and is ideal for car owners who go on frequent road trips. After all, traveling to the woods or the mountains lets you truly experience the freedom of cycling. Transport your equipment with ease and shop at MoparOnlineParts for OEM bike racks for your vehicle today.

What is A Bike Rack?

A bike rack is a metal frame attachment you can install on your vehicle to transport bikes. Depending on your vehicle and preference, these assemblies can be roof or hitch mounts. Roof bike racks are ideal if your car already has a base or factory-issued roof rack, while hitch mounts are best if your ride doesn't have any rack assembly. 

Unlike roof-mounted racks, hitch mounts only require a drawbar receiving tube or hitch tube on your trunk, allowing you to strap and secure the rack.

Benefits of A Mopar Bike Rack

Bike racks are necessary for recreational cyclists who travel to different locations with various bike trails. These mounting accessories make transporting your bikes more convenient and give your car more versatility. Using these racks, you can also easily carry and transport other equipment like kayaks and paddleboards.

There are also numerous kinds of bike racks available. Platform types allow you to bring more than two bikes during your trips with minimal lifting. Hanging hitch racks also let you transport multiple bikes, but they also have anti-sway frames and are much easier to maneuver.

Tips on How to Choose A Mopar Bike Rack


If you're planning to purchase a roof-mount bike rack, you must measure the length of the cross bars of your vehicle to ensure proper fitment. Meanwhile, if you want to opt for a hitch bike rack, you must choose between the two common sizes; 1-¼" and 2". The sizes typically come in different classes.


When purchasing a Mopar bike rack, you must determine what kind of attachment is compatible with your car. If your vehicle features a roof rack, then a roof-mounted attachment is the one for you. But if you don't have an existing rack on your roof, you can always opt for hitch-mounted attachments.

Mopar Bike Rack: Repair or Replace?

Even if bike racks are made of durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel, they are still prone to wear and tear due to constant exposure to dirt, debris, and the elements. These assemblies will get worn down faster without proper maintenance, and may even rust over time.

If your rack starts to become loose or worn out, we recommend replacing the entire assembly if you can’t secure it back in place reliably. While you can replace the nuts, bolts, mounting points, and other parts of the rack, it would be difficult to guarantee that your bike stays in place and secured during harsh driving conditions.

How to Install Mopar Bike Rack

You can install a Mopar bike rack in various ways, depending on what type you have for your ride. Most roof racks can hook to the existing crossbars of your vehicle. Make sure to align the front part of the rack to the front end of the crossbar and secure it in place using its straps.

On the other hand, trunk-mounted racks often have hooks that slide between the top of your trunk and the rear window for quick and secure installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mopar Bike Racks

How many bikes can a bike rack hold?

The number of bikes that you can carry depends on the capacity of the bike rack you’re eyeing for your ride. Most roof carriers can accommodate up to four bikes, depending on how much load the crossbars of your car can carry. As for hitch bike racks, they can only hold up to two bikes.

Can I open my trunk with a bike rack?

We do not recommend opening your trunk while your Mopar bike rack is still attached. The hinges of your trunk cannot support the weight of your rack and could cause the door to dislodge and detach from its hinge. Doing so can also damage the rear panels of your ride and scratch its paint or cause dents and scratches.

Can a bike rack damage my car?

If you install bike racks properly, you’ll minimize the chances of damaging your car. However, loosely mounted carriers can damage the roof or rear end of your ride, causing significant scratches, dings, and paint damage. 

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Mopar Online Parts offers authentic bike racks for less than the suggested retail price. Our bike rack assemblies include bike carrier hitches, fork mounts, upright bicycle carriers, and other attachments for select Mopar vehicles.

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