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Mopar Axle

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Mopar Axle

What is a Mopar axle?

An axle is an important component of your vehicle, especially offroad vehicles like Rubicon Jeeps. These rods or shafts help the wheels rotate and support the weight of your vehicle. Most vehicles will have a dead axle and a live axle assembly. Rear axles come in half shafts for power to the wheels, while front axles assist in steering and handling.

Stub axles are much shorter than their rear and front counterparts. These assemblies are more suited for angular movements to help process shocks from bumpy roads.

The benefits of a high-quality car axle

No vehicle can operate without an axle, as this part is responsible for propelling wheels to rotate. Having upgraded car axles strengthens your ride for more challenging roads. This also lets you install bigger tires on your ride, as the assemblies can increase the ride height and ground clearance of your vehicle compared to factory axles. This also allows your ride to navigate through rough roads and different road obstacles with ease without damaging its undercarriage and axle components.

Fitment and Compatibility

As discussed above, axles may be front, rear, or stud. Our Mopar axle comes in different variations depending on the model, make, and year. 

To choose which axle suits your vehicle, you may browse our product pages and check the details under the Vehicle Fitment tab. Make sure that the axle assembly you’ll get is compatible with either a 4WD, 2WD, or AWD setup. This will depend on the make and model of your ride. It’s best to consult with mechanics and experts regarding this to avoid fitment and compatibility issues.

Should I repair or replace my Mopar axle? 

Axles are highly durable, as they are designed to withstand constant abuse. However, they are still susceptible to wear and tear due to dirt, debris, road obstacles, lack of lubrication, and overloading. These can all affect the durability and structural integrity of the axles over time. Here are a few signs that you can look out for to check if you need to repair or replace your axle assemblies: 

  • Clunking sounds whenever you switch gears

  • Excessive vibrations during startup

  • Lack of wheel rotation whenever you rev the engine

  • Dents, holes, leaks, and cracks on the axle assembly itself

If you notice at least one of those mentioned above, it may be time to have your mechanic check your axle, so they can have a better look. It can only be fully inspected if the car is lifted. Always have your axle assemblies checked to avoid safety issues and costly repairs down the line. 

How to install front and Mopar axle

1. Production knuckles, hubs, and brakes will be reused. 

2. Drag link and tie rod will be used. Aftermarket stabilizer may be used. 

3. Follow the service manual for the suspension torques. 

4. Driveshafts may be used. 

5. (OE aluminum knuckle) Torque lower ball joint to 20 Nm, upper ball joint to 70-80 Nm, lower ball joint to 40-50 Nm.

6. (Cast iron knuckle) Torque lower ball joint to 30 NM, upper ball joint to 70-80 NM, lower ball joint to 60-70 Nm.

7. Torque wheel hub assembly bolts to 90 – 100 Nm

8. Torque wheel hub assembly bolts to 90 – 100 Nm

For more detailed instructions, you can download our guide here.

Frequently asked questions

Does insurance cover axle damage?

This depends on your specific insurance policies, but if it is damaged as a result of an accident, you may have insurance claims. Damage from wear and tear is usually not covered by insurance. 

Why should I upgrade my axle?

Axles are commonly upgraded or modified for durability, better traction, and ground clearance. Having better axles on your ride can drastically improve its overall performance and lets you navigate through different roads without much trouble. 

Is it safe to drive with a broken wheel axle?

We do not recommend driving with a broken wheel axle, as this will make your ride highly unstable. This can lead to loss of steering and handling control, leading to road accidents. It’s better to bring your car to the nearest auto shop to repair or replace your wheel axles for your safety.

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