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Mopar Amplifier

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Mopar Amplifier

Car amplifiers improve the sound quality of your vehicle’s stereo system. These car accessories turn up the volume of low-level audio signals, so you get a better audio listening experience during your drive. They also produce distortion-free sounds and dictate how soft or loud they’ll come out. Mopar Online Parts offers the best car amplifier for select Mopar vehicles.

  • Authentic Mopar Amplifier

    Your Fiat 500 sounds powerful from the outside, and now you can match that power inside. If you want bass you can feel, look no further than the... LEARN MORE

    MSRP: $464.00

    Savings: $53.36

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  • Authentic Mopar Amplifier

    4.1 Channel Amplifier Upgrade for Base Audio Systems LEARN MORE

    MSRP: $402.00

    Savings: $45.64

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Boost Your Car’s Stereo System Audio with Car Amplifiers

Having car audio amplifiers in your sound system can spell the difference between an average listening experience to a great one. These car accessories increase your sound’s volume without causing any distortion, resulting in clearer and more defined audio quality at the appropriate volume. Standard speakers, on the other hand, are unable to reach this type of audio quality. 

The sound quality of car amplifiers also encourage you to change your old speakers and get upgrades like a subwoofer. These upgrades require significantly more power to function at their best than built-in speakers. For instance, subwoofers need specific connections that only car audio amplifiers have. Moreover, adding amplifiers can help broaden your choices when it comes to what other speakers you can install.

Get Authentic Car Amplifiers for Less

Listen to your favorite tunes, radio stations, and podcasts with bold and crisp audio when you install a car amplifier from Mopar Online Parts. Enhance your overall listening experience by upgrading your standard stereo with an amplifier and hear the noticeable difference. These speakers are easy to install and provide a guaranteed fit for your vehicle.

All car parts and accessories, including our amplifiers, are sold for less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Get top-grade performance with our brand new items. Browse our online catalog to find exclusive deals and discounts on durable OEM Mopar products. You may also consult our team of experts for any questions regarding proper fitment and installation. Shop with us today.